Available in E-book, Hardback, Paperback, and Audiobook

Available in E-book, Hardback, Paperback, and Audiobook
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Fan Favorite Featured Story

Fan Favorite Featured Story
Only she knew who her husband was... Or did she? Krystine Pearson is less than thrilled with her husband's idea of a romantic anniversary getaway. Snowed in at a remote cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains, the only thing colder than the weather is their relationship. Desperate to heat things up, Krys devises a dangerous plan to bring out the best in her husband. Unfortunately, his best will be her worst nightmare. A twisted tale of romantic terror from the mind of D.M. Kilgore

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8 Second Ride

by D.M. Kilgore

Deadtime Stories Volume 1 

Deadtime Stories is a three volume compilation of late night tales of danger, intrigue, and suspense where not everyone is who (or what) they seem. 

These short fiction thrillers explore the darker side of human (and not so human) nature and provide just enough goose-bumps to keep readers wanting more. 

"8 Second Ride" is a flash fiction (300 word) story from Volume 1. It's a tale of love with a touch of chill.

Flash Fiction With A Dark Side, by D.M. Kilgore.

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