Available in E-book, Hardback, Paperback, and Audiobook

Available in E-book, Hardback, Paperback, and Audiobook
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Final Judgment
    by D.M. Kilgore         

 He's found her. After all the years of flying under the radar, he's finally located the source of all his demons. A new name won't be enough to save her. Finally, she will pay for the mistakes of  her past.

Jacy Dalton has worked hard to build the life she's always dreamed of--  her own business, a lovely home, two beautiful children, and a husband who is the answer to all her prayers.  

But even a thousand miles away, the memories of her life as Jenna Logan haunt her in the form of terrible nightmares. And like all the times before, she knows... her nightmares have a terrifying way of becoming tragic realities.  

He's coming... and he's bringing the ghosts of her past with him.

Now Jacy must find the courage to tell her new husband why everything they hold dear is about to be destroyed by an evil that refuses to die. And why she must seek out another man-- a man she once loved,  to save them all.

Alex Bryant has been hunting killers since the first day he donned a badge, but an ongoing case has haunted his past, and now it's invading his present and threatening his future. 
Three serial killers are locked in a deadly race to reach the next victim first, and they always seem to be two steps ahead of Alex in the most dangerous game of cat and mouse he's ever played.

Now, the killers responsible for the brutal murder of a fifteen year old girl, have struck again-- this time in Alex's own home. And Alex fears he knows one of the killers... a man he once called friend.

As Alex attempts to pick up the pieces of his broken world the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place, and he understands with terrifying clarity what's really going on.

Two killers and a vigilante... racing towards one final victim... a young woman who went missing five years ago. The first girl Alex ever loved. Jenna Logan. 

Garren Sloane has reached the end of the road-- a road strewn with empty liquor bottles and dead bodies. He always knew the road would end at the door of the only woman he ever loved. Jenna Logan.

Vengeance. Justice. At last. He's waited a long time... but the wait is over. 

It's time for the final judgment.

"I love your writing! Can't wait to see your stories in stores!"
                                                           -Robert Liparulo

A Note From D.M. Kilgore:

Final Judgment won second place in Author Robert Liparulo's "Enticing Novel Opener" contest. My story's prologue was selected by Mr. Liparulo, himself! I hope you enjoy it and come back for more behind the scenes, sneak peeks, and secret looks into the lives of Jenna, Alex, and Garren.


Adams, Georgia
Thursday, June 6, 1996
3:06 pm

He surveyed the area. The abandoned park looked eerie even in broad daylight. The rusted merry-go-round leaned precariously to one side, stagnant water pooled at the bottom of the slide, and two of the five swings were missing seats, their chains clanking in the light breeze. It was perfect for what he had in mind, for what he had been planning for over a year.

He would hide behind the large oak tree as he had so many times before. His heart pumped faster as he imagined the look of surprise and fear that would cross her face when he stepped from behind it. Then again, seeing him sitting casually on the swings, waiting, could be equally terrifying. And it would provide him the opportunity to see the fear in her eyes at the precise moment she spotted him. 

She liked the swings. He'd watched countless times as her shapely tan legs had pumped back and forth, pushing her higher, long honey hair flying behind her. Sometimes, thinking she was all alone, she'd sing.   Like an angel. She never knew he was watching. The demon in the shadows.

He smirked in anticipation as he lowered his large frame onto one of the swings, waiting for her to appear. He wouldn't have to wait long. Reaching down to his belt he slid the new Madio hunting knife from its leather sheath. The 10" blade curved wickedly and ended in a fiercely sharp point. The encased wood grain handle was red, her favorite color. He had chosen it with her in mind.

He knew the knife was meant for display, but was optimistic that the full tang stainless steel would be strong enough to penetrate human flesh, muscle, and possibly even bone. He slid it back in its sheath and turned his focus to the trail. Unmet desires coiled in his gut like a snake, angry venom coursed through his veins, and any minute she would emerge from the wooded path and find him waiting to unleash his lust and fury.

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