Available in E-book & Trade Paperback

Available in E-book & Trade Paperback
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D.M. Kilgore
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"I am a once lost and broken soul who now knows the joy and beauty of being made whole. I write about broken people striving to find their way to that place where they too realize the joy of being whole again. Hope in the face of desperate circumstances is a reoccurring theme in my novels."  

~ D.M. Kilgore







My Mission: 


To write stories that reveal possibilities in the midst of impossibilities so that the broken can find their beauty and the lost can find their way. 


I want to impact the heart of my readers and open their eyes to what lies beneath the surface of every story. Together we'll shine a light on the darkest parts of the human soul and explore what happens when heart-stopping chills, thrills, and suspense collide with unexpected romance as consuming passions crash into unpredictable dangers. 


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Enter The Realm of D.M. Kilgore ... If You Dare!

Enter The Realm of D.M. Kilgore ... If You Dare!
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