Available in E-book & Trade Paperback

Available in E-book & Trade Paperback
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TRICK or TREAT: A Halloween Anthology

*October 1, 2015* 


Trick or Treat is the second in the Scribes Anthology Series. With tales from the spooky to the gruesome, it's sure to keep you up at night. Benefiting the Salvation Army-Phoenix. Each edition of the Scribes Anthology Series benefits a different charity. Featuring short stories from: Whiskey Black, Amber E. Box, Edi Cruz, Ronnie Lee Jeffires, D.M. Kilgore, L.A. Logan, Tracey Love, Jim McGrath, Kyler Richards, and Jaclyn Wilson.




*Sept. 26, 2014*


Available in eBook & Trade Paperback
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What lies through the portal?

Get your copy today and come away into a magical land of inspiration from the Portal experts at Read Write Muse.

Jump through time to new worlds, indulge in pizza, chocolate, and romance. Fight evil villains, transport with innocent souls, and glimpse into that final portal awaiting us all.

Authors, bloggers, song writers and poets collaborate to bring you stories sprinkled with ethereal prose, whimsical humor, and heart pounding thrills. Through the Portal beckons you to unlock the adventure.

Including the works of Annie Adams, Andrea Asay, J.S. Bailey, LaDonna Cole, Katie Cross, Laura Custodio, Emily Grace, Rob Holliday, S. R. Karfelt, Kelsey Keating, D. M. Kilgore, Natalie J. Pierson, and Kimberly Robertson.

RWM will donate $1 per book sale to a cancer related charity for one year.

Call Of The Warrior

*May 11, 2015*

Available in eBook & Trade Paperback
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 Who are the Warriors?

They are the soldiers, the protectors, and the guardians; the zombie hunters, the assassins, and the secret, winged watchers who wage unseen wars.
In this collection of twenty-four warrior tales, join these courageous souls as they fight for freedom, for honor, for the weak, and perhaps most of all, for love.

Featuring the works of J. S. Bailey, E.D.E. Bell, Amber E. Box, E. P. Brown, Holly & Jared Brown, Isabel Brown, LaDonna Cole, S. R. Karfelt, Kelsey Keating, D. M. Kilgore, Margaret Madigan, Ryan T. Nuhfer, Catherine Jones Payne, Kirstin Pulioff, Elle K. White, and Lexy Wolfe.

RWM is donating a portion of proceeds to War Dogs.

In Creeps The Night

*Sept. 29, 2014*



Available in eBook & Trade Paperback
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What goes bump in the night?

Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls creep through pages of spooky flash fiction. Discover critically acclaimed authors that will make your skin shiver and have you flinching at bumps in the night. Whenever the mood strikes for something creepy, this collection will leave you looking over your shoulder.

50 Flash Fiction Tales by 50 Spooktacular Authors.

Featuring the works of:

Jonie Lynn, D.M. Kilgore, LaDonna Cole, S.R. Karfelt, Ryan T. Nuhfer, Elle K. White, E.G. Smith, and many more!

 All Royalties benefit Mothers Without Borders.

Enter The Realm of D.M. Kilgore ... If You Dare!

Enter The Realm of D.M. Kilgore ... If You Dare!
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