Available in E-book, Hardback, Paperback, and Audiobook

Available in E-book, Hardback, Paperback, and Audiobook
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Fan Favorite Featured Story

Fan Favorite Featured Story
Only she knew who her husband was... Or did she? Krystine Pearson is less than thrilled with her husband's idea of a romantic anniversary getaway. Snowed in at a remote cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains, the only thing colder than the weather is their relationship. Desperate to heat things up, Krys devises a dangerous plan to bring out the best in her husband. Unfortunately, his best will be her worst nightmare. A twisted tale of romantic terror from the mind of D.M. Kilgore

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How well do you handle rejection?

        Jo stepped out of the dark elevator, thankful to be free from the trendy music pumping from the hidden speakers. Her relief was short-lived. Sunlight poured through a large window highlighting décor meant to be modern, cool, and hip. Jo shuddered.

        It looked like Dr. Seuss had puked all over the hallway. 

       Jo tucked a wayward brunette tress back into her bun and adjusted her glasses. Hoping like hell Classic Retro Regurgitation ended at the door to her room, she rounded the corner and ran straight into a man. As he turned, she gasped.


        "Molly!" He pulled her into an enthusiastic hug. "How was your trip?"

        Caught off guard she mumbled something that sounded kind of like, "Good." Any attempt to regain her composure was lost the moment she glanced into his eyes. They were the most amazing shade of malachite green flecked with gold. “Just fine,” she whispered.

        "I was heading to grab coffee,” he explained re-opening the door to his room. “It can wait though.”

        "Mmm. I could go for a mocha latte." Jo followed him into room 405.

        "Great! Coffee first then. Do you need to freshen up or anything?" He let the question hang between them.

        "I did plan to slip into something more--” she considered the king-sized bed with its disturbing cow-print coverlet “--comfortable.” Jo took two steps towards Rob.

        He shrugged before glancing at the toes of his well-worn red Converse hi-tops. "What if I go grab coffee while you get comfortable then? Save us some time."

        "In a hurry?"

        "Yeah. I can't wait to see how it ends."

        "I hope I don't disappoint." She turned slowly to examine the rest of the room. Not Suess, but disturbing none the less. A mirror over the dresser caught Rob in the act of looking her over from head to toe. Jo smiled.   

        "Molly Sellers disappoint? Doubtful.” Pink washed across his neck and square jaw when he realized she was watching his inspection.   

        "You never know." Jo lowered her eyes, reminding herself that Molly Sellers would never be so openly flirtatious.

        "So far so good." He backed out the door with an eager smile on his face.

        Jo liked his dimples and his dark mop of curls. He was younger than the other editors she’d worked with. He was also much cuter in person than in his Facebook picture. What a shame.

       Jo rested her ear against the crack of the door listening for the ding of the elevator before closing it completely. She stepped into the tacky orange and blue tiled bathroom to change from bookish Molly Sellers to a woman Robert Hansen had never met.

        Tugging off the boring wig, Jo shook out her long auburn waves, tossed the costume glasses aside, and removed the brown contacts she’d bought to hide her icy blue eyes.

       Kicking off the sensible pumps and unzipping the modest suit, Jo sighed with relief. She wiggled her toes with delight as the stifling pantsuit crumpled at her feet. Molly Sellers wouldn’t know sexy if it bit her on the ass. 

      Jo swept onyx mascara over her lashes and then applied two coats of her favorite lipstick. The red shade was every bit as sinful as her Victoria's Secret lingerie.

        Transformation complete, Josephine Reynolds pulled the final chapter of her manuscript The Rejection Letter from her bag, pressed her lips to the last page, and placed it on the bed. She couldn't wait to show Rob how it ended.

        Smiling wickedly, she slipped the same knife she’d used on the real Molly Sellers under the pillow.

        This was her favorite type of research.


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Some love stories are forever!

        “Daniel?!” Leah whispered through the tattered screen door of her double-wide. Not believing her eyes, she pushed on the screen, stumbled down the cracked sidewalk, and slid into the waiting pickup.

        “Hey babe,” he drawled, his eyes searching hers intimately.

        “Danny?” She reached out to touch his face, expecting him to disappear into the darkness, but he remained seated next to her. She drew her hand away from his warm cheek in amazement. Danny gave her his trademark lopsided grin and turned his attention to the stereo. He casually punched the search button, settling on Tim McGraw before gunning the engine. 

        Leah smiled tentatively as they sped down Union Road and onto Highway 111. She still couldn’t believe he was here.  She slid across the bench-seat and settled her head on Danny’s broad shoulder. She’d always fit perfectly, the most perfect fit in the world as far as she was concerned, right there at his side. She closed her eyes and sent up a silent prayer of thanks, relaxing as she listened to Danny sing along with Tim. Just like old times.

        Inhaling deeply, absorbing the familiar woodsy scent of his skin, she let go of all remaining traces of doubt. He was here, real… alive. She opened her eyes just in time to see the semi’s grill smash through the windshield.

        Leah stood in the street amidst puddles of oil, gasoline, and blood, completely unharmed, and still wearing Danny's T-shirt. She held her breath waiting, watching, until the truck exploded– shooting metal and flames into the midnight sky, just as she knew it would. She watched as her boyfriend appeared out of the wreckage, just as she knew he would.

        “I love you Leah.” He smiled at her one last time.

        And just like that, he was gone… again.


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